Brand: TrippLite
Product Code: PDU3MV6H50A
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14.4kW 3-Phase Metered PDU, 208V Outlets (36 C13, 6 C19, 3 L6-30R) Hubbell 50A CS8365C, 6ft Cord, 0U Vertical, TAA

Tripp Lite 3 phase Metered PDU / Power Distribution Units offer real-time local reporting of current levels in amps via set of 3 built-in digital meters. Enables visual monitoring of PDU current levels to preserve proper loading balance and prevent circuit overloads as additional equipment is added. Offers reliable rackmount multi-outlet power distribution from any protected UPS, generator or mains input power source. High quality design includes rugged all-metal housing and secure rackmount installation with included mounting accessories.

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